TWICE’s Nayeon vs. IVE: The winner of this week’s Inkigayo was decided by just 3 votes 

With only three votes, IVE won 1st place against Nayeon on SBS’s Inkigayo broadcast today (July 17th). 

In SBS’s weekly music show Inkigayo broadcast on the afternoon of July 17th (Korean time), TWICE’s Nayeon, aespa, and IVE were nominated for 1st place. Only aespa is currently promoting and appearing on this week’s Inkigayo stage. 

Nayeon earned a total of 5952 points with “Pop!”, aespa recorded 4415 points with “Girls”, and IVE gained 5955 points with “LOVE DIVE”. IVE defeated Nayeon by only 3 votes and thus took the No.1 trophy. 

IVE was ahead of Nayeon in the physical album scores (10%) and online digital scores (55%). About two months after IVE’s promotions with “LOVE DIVE” that ended in early May, IVE won first place again, marking the 10th music show win for “LOVE DIVE”. This gave IVE the honor of achieving Inkigayo’s triple crown. 

Source: wikitree

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