TWICE’s Jihyo Reflects on 8 Years of Sacrifices as a K-pop Idol: “Can’t Live Like a Human, But No Regrets”

TWICE’s Jihyo opens up about the demanding life of a K-Pop idol

Jihyo, the leader of TWICE, recently shared her candid thoughts about the challenges and sacrifices she’s faced over eight years in the industry. During a recent fan meeting celebrating the group’s 8th anniversary, Jihyo revealed the demanding nature of her life as a K-pop star.

jihyo twice

Jihyo expressed, “I’m really busy and can’t live like a human being, even though that sounds extreme. But I absolutely have no regrets about that time.” The revelation was met with empathy and appreciation from fans who recognized the dedication and hard work that TWICE has put into their careers.

Over the course of a year, TWICE released a staggering 8 albums in both Korea and Japan, even shooting MVs for the following year. The group’s relentless schedule included a showcase tour, Asia Tour, and Arena Tour, making their journey even more challenging.

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