TWICE’s Chaeyoung Posted Underwear Photo with Jeon Somi, Deleted in 20 Minutes 

TWICE’s Chaeyoung published and then deleted an “underwear exposure” photo of herself and solo artist Jeon Somi.

On April 2, TWICE’s Chaeyoung published several photos with Jeon Somi on her Instagram, along with the caption, “It’s been almost 11 years since our date on April Fool’s day”

The aforementioned photos captured Chaeyoung and Jeon Somi wearing wigs and making playful expressions.

Chaeyoung Jeon So-mi-twice

In the midst of this, they struck a bold pose, lifting their tops to reveal their underwear directly to the camera.

While Chaeyoung’s underwear on the left side wasn’t captured in the photo, Jeon Somi’s underwear was fully exposed.

Chaeyoung Jeon So-mi-twice

Chaeyoung deleted the photo about 20 minutes later, but as an idol with numerous followers, the picture had already spread online.

So far, netizens have been showing mixed reactions to the photo, with some finding it normal due to the two’s female idol’s normally bold personality and others claiming that the underwear exposure is “lewd”. 

Source: Insight

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