TWICE sold out concert tickets in the US, is it enough to be on par with BLACKPINK?

The news that TWICE sold out tickets for all of their concerts in the US in February 2022, surprised netizens.

After a year of hard work, TWICE is preparing for the TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ world tour. Accordingly, TWICE’s ‘Ⅲ’ concert tour will start on December 25 and 26 in Seoul, followed by concerts in North America in February 2022.

After only a short time of going on sale, TWICE’s concert tickets in 5 cities in the US, including Los Angeles, Oakland, Fort Worth, Atlanta, and New York were quickly sold out. On December 14, JYP announced that they would continue to open 2 more concerts in Los Angeles (February 15) and Belmont Park (February 27) to repay the fans’ love.

TWICE is preparing for Seoul concert and North America tour

Recently, JYP said that TWICE’s additional concerts in Los Angeles and Belmont Park were also sold out.  This information makes the Once community extremely excited.  Although they have not had much activity in the US market, TWICE still proves the charm of a top Kpop girl group, receiving a lot of support from the North American audience.

TWICE happily announced that the 7 North America concerts are sold out

On Pann, Korean netizens congratulated TWICE and left positive comments. In 2019, the group’s North American tour TWICELIGHTS took place only for 3 nights, but now the scale has more than doubled. The JYP girl group’s outstanding record of selling concert tickets now amazes netizens. So far, TWICE is said to be the best in the Japanese market.  However, the girls now prove that their popularity in America is skyrocketing.

There were also comments mentioning BLACKPINK after TWICE sold out all 7 concert nights of their US tour.  Has TWICE caught up with the YG girls in terms of popularity in the US market?

BLACKPINK held a concert tour in the US in 2019

BLACKPINK’s North American tour IN YOUR AREA, which took place in 2019, drew almost 64,000 fans to six shows. TWICE will most likely beat BLACKPINK in terms of overall attendance and concert income due to the scope of this tour. However, there have been comments that BLACKPINK’s popularity in the United States is still much higher than TWICE’s.

Is TWICE on par with BLACKPINK in the US market?

Some comments:

  • TWICE is so popular overseas.  The group will probably sign another contract.
  • So in the US, is TWICE on the same level as BLACKPINK?
  • TWICE is much more popular than when they held a tour in the US in 2019, but still not on par with BLACKPINK.
  • Congratulations on selling out tickets for 7 concert nights.
  • Each show will have about 12,000 – 10,000 spectators.  TWICE is awesome.
  • No need to compare with anyone, just compare with TWICE’s previous tour.  It’s clear that the group is becoming more and more popular in the international market.

At 0:00 on December 21, TWICE also released a series of individual promotional photos for the upcoming Seoul concert series

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