BLACK PINK deserves the title “international girlgroup”: 25 concert nights around the world with 312,000 fans!

The tickets for “’BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with Kia [IN YOUR AREA]” got sold out after just a short time.

The American market seems to be a hard challenge for K-Pop groups nowadays. The Hallyu wave might have the almighty effect in Asia but in America, the audience are much harder to please. Due to many failed attempt at this market of many senior groups before, the new generation idol are afraid to challenge this market even though it is promising.

In the last few years, most Korean artists focus on the domestics market and raising their fame in countries from the same area like China, Japan, promising South East Asia countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines,…Most of them stop holding onto the American dream. That’s why when YG announced their plan for BLACK PINK to promote in the U.S, many fans doubted the chance of it being a success.

Realistically, despite their fame, the 4 girls has only started 3 years ago with not many music product. It will be hard for BLACK PINK to maintain their position in the Korea market I they don’t continue with their promotion here. Their decision of going to the America is very risky and fans are worried.

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However, the 4 girls has smashed all the doubt with very impressive numbers. BLACK PINK will officially start their North America tour called BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with Kia [IN YOUR AREA]. The first concert will be in Los Angeles on the upcoming April 17th. After that, the girls will tour Chicago (Apr 24th), Hamilton (Apr 27th), Newark (May 1st), Atlanta (May 5th), Fort Worth (May 8th). All the tickets for all the nights mentioned above are sold out.

Besides, all the tickets for BLACK PINK’s 25 concert nights are almost sold out. They will tour through 20 big cities of 15 countries and territories across Asia, Europe and America. Estimately, there will be about 312,000 fans who will come to enjoy BLACK PINK’s music at their world tour. According to a financial report, BLACK PINK will officially step into the American market at the beginning of 2019, and they might release a new music product before starting their tour in April.

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