AKMU will come back with 7 MVs and a collab with a series of digital monsters for their upcoming comeback

AKMU’s comeback is considered the most anticipated project of the YG family this July.

On July 16, YG officially released the trailer for AKMU’s Next Episode album.  This is considered the top collaboration project of Kpop this July when Next Episode welcomes the appearance of top artists: IU, Zion.T, Crush, Sam Kim, Beenzino, Lee Sunhee, Choi Jonghoon.

In the 1-minute trailer, artistically intentioned footage has been revealed.  This has clearly shown that AKMU in this comeback not only carefully invested in music but also focused on the production process and was very willing to spend on the MV.

AKMU brothers will come back with 7 MVs and a collab with a series of digital monsters for their upcoming comeback

Even, because every song in the album is great, YG decided to shoot 7 MVs for Next Episode.  YG’s side revealed, “As this is AKMU’s first collaboration album filled with high-quality tracks, we have decided to showcase 7 music videos, each depicting a theme from the 7 songs included in the album. Each MV will be released in consecutive order.”

The project will be a series of 7 MVs with a seamless plot, like a real movie.  Chanhyuk’s participation in composing and producing the entire album made the public even more excited.  A company official shared: “Producer Lee Chanhyuk is expected to have to set the listening points in order to keep the 7 artists’ voice colors and achieve a certain harmony.”

7 songs on Next Episode album:
  1. Battleground (ft. Lee Sun Hee)
  2. Falling off the ground (ft. IU)
  3. BENCH (ft. Zion. T)
  4. Tick-tock, tick-tock (ft. Beenzino)
  5. Fight (ft. Choi Junghoon)
  6. Stupid Love Song (ft. Crush)
  7. EVEREST (ft. Sam Kim)

Next Episode will be officially released on July 26.  With the participation of “digital monsters”, the album promises to dominate the charts in the near future.

Source: K14

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