TWICE Nayeon’s Safety Concerns Arise at Paris Fashion Week

Concerns among fans have surfaced regarding an incident involving TWICE’s Nayeon at the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week.

One specific moment during the event has drawn attention and raised eyebrows among netizens.

A video has circulated, capturing a scene where a member of the audience appeared to throw an album towards Nayeon. The reaction of both the bodyguards and the surrounding crowd suggests a moment of alarm.

twice nayeon

Thankfully, Nayeon emerged unscathed from the incident. Nonetheless, there are lingering worries among netizens regarding her safety and the need for adequate protection for celebrities amidst enthusiastic crowds.

Upon closer examination of an extended version of the video, it appears that Nayeon and her bodyguard may have been prepared for such an occurrence, with the guard intercepting the first object thrown.

Determining whether the fan crossed boundaries or simply acted as instructed remains a speculation.

Source: kb

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