TWICE Jihyo shares her perspective on happiness and how to attain it

TWICE Jihyo reveals that she tries to enjoy small happinesses such as conversing with her staff or having good food.

Born in 1997, Jihyo trained tirelessly for an entire decade before she debuted with the famous Kpop girl group TWICE.

Recently, Jihyo had an interview with GQ Korea, where the female idol discusses her work and life. According to Jihyo, she no longer strives to chase her goals like she did in the past. 

As TWICE, we can set goals like getting the first place on a music show or topping a music chart, but once I achieved those, I started to wonder if it was too early and if I had to come up with a bigger dream next time”, Jihyo explained.

The TWICE member then added, “However, I started to reconsider things one day. Can I just let things be and go with the flow, I asked myself. I also started to question if we truly need to set a goal and strive to complete it, if we already have enough ambition and are doing well enough.”

Jihyo then delved into her change in attitude, saying, “I find myself thinking a lot about how happy I want to live these days. It was recent, but my positivity has greatly improved this year after my life became less hectic and more peaceful.”

I now only need to find small happinesses everyday, in conversations with staff members while doing makeup today, for example, or in good food, to finish my day in a happy mood”, the girl group member explained. 

Jihyo also said, “If this kind of day lasts a month or a year, I personally will remember it as a period full of happiness. I have many years left in my life, so I don’t want to spend the rest of my twenties just finding things hard. Even when I’m not fully pleased, I want to be able to recall my twenties with fondness and excitement.”

Finally, Jihyo expressed that she now finds her time spent with family more interesting regardless of the person she’s with. “I used to constantly think about how people would regard me and if they think badly about me, but now I try to listen to what others are speaking, say my mind, and express my feelings.”

Source: soompi

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