tripleS to Have 1st Full-group Release with 24 Members in May, New History of K-pop

tripleS will have its first 24-member full group activity, unveiling the stage of the girl group with the highest number of members in K-pop history.

According to EDaily on February 22, tripleS will release a “full group” album in May. It is the first album completed with the participation of all 24 members. After the album release, it was reported that they would also participate in unprecedented full-group activities with 24 members.

tripleS is a girl group under the newly established agency MODHAUS. They are a groundbreaking team that continuously create new units through fan voting on an official app.

Triple S

In October 2022, the first unit “Acid Angel from Asia” debuted. Since then, various combinations of dimensions such as +(KR)ystal Eyes, LOVElution, EVOLution, and Aria have emerged and released albums.

The members of tripleS are gradually revealed through their own content. So far, a total of 20 members have been introduced. The remaining 4 members will also be revealed before the release of the 24-member full group album.

With their full group album, tripleS will become the girl group with the highest number of members in K-pop history. Among boy groups, NCT, affiliated with SM Entertainment, has the highest number of members with 26. Among girl groups, a group called Leader’S declared in 2011 that they would eventually have 24 members, but they only carried out unit activities and did not have full group activities.

Girl groups with more than 10 members are rare, so the attention of domestic and international K-pop fans towards tripleS’s activities was high as they aim for a 24-member lineup. Various online communities also circulated composite photos depicting the expected appearance of tripleS’s 24-member full group activities.

Triple S

tripleS recently announced during their solo concert that they would begin preparations for 24-member full group activities. They raised fans’ expectations for their activities by conducting a fan vote to select the title track for the album. Among them, it is noteworthy that tripleS has confirmed its full-group debut in May.

Based on unit activities, tripleS won the Rookie of the Year trophy at the MAMA Awards held in November last year. Continuing the momentum, they won the Rookie of the Year award at the “Hanteo Music Awards” held on the 19th. 

With tripleS’s concentration on 24-member full group activities, attention is also focused on their achievements in the album and music streaming fields.

Source: Daum

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