SHINee’s Minho signaled fans to not tell Taemin about the maknae’s mistake and it’s hilarious

No one enjoys teasing their maknae more than Minho himself.

Recently, SHINee had a special fan meeting. The boys not only shared interesting stories, but also entertained fans with a series of soft ballads in white suits.

In the performance of the song “An Ode To You,” TaeMin had forgot to stand on the lifting stage in his part. Seeing that, MinHo not only not reminded his member, but also didn’t let the fans tell TaeMin.

When TaeMin found out that he was in the wrong position and turned his head to look at MinHo, he couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. Not only the “victim”, but the “prankster” also laughed for teasing his teammate successfully. After the lifting stage went down, TaeMin stood on it and continued to perform.

Sources: k14

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