TOP 50 most searched female Kpop idols on Youtube Korea in 2021

Which Kpop female idols have been searched the most by Korean netizens on Youtube in 2021?

K-pop idols, these days, have worldwide popularity.  Even so, they’re still K-pop idols, and it’d be even better if they received attention from Koreans themselves.  But Korean netizens are extremely fastidious, and many of them don’t care much about this industry or have different interests compared to international fans.  That’s why Kpop idols who have high recognition in this country are indeed very respectable.

Most searched female Kpop idols on Youtube Korea in 2021

In actuality, there are other elements and methods that may be used to assess an idol’s popularity, but data based on Google and Youtube searches are always the most objective and popular. Recently, Korean netizens compiled a list of the top 50 most searched female Kpop stars on Youtube in the Korean region from 2021 until now.

Note: The data is recorded by global Youtube Trends from January 1, 2021 to November 22, 2021.

From 50th to 41st

50. Kang Yeseo (Kep1er)

49. Nayoung (LIGHTSUM)

48. Ningning (aespa)

47. Giselle (aespa)

46. Kang Hyewon (IZ*ONE)

45. Yuna (ITZY)

44. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

43. Yeji (ITZY)

42. Miyawaki Sakura (IZ*ONE)

41. Sieun (STAYC)

Sieun (STAYC)
Sieun (STAYC)

From 40th to 31st

 40. Shuhua ((G)I-DLE)

 39. Ahn Yujin (IZ*ONE / IVE)

 38. Choi Yena (IZ*ONE)

 37. Momo (TWICE)

 36. Hyojung (OH MY GIRL)

 35. Chaeryeong (ITZY)

 34. Dahyun (TWICE)

 33. Seeun (STAYC)

 32. Wheein (MAMAMOO)

 31. Yeri (Red Velvet)

Yeri (Red Velvet)
Yeri (Red Velvet)

From 30th to 21st

 30. Jihyo (TWICE)

 29. Kim Minju (IZ*ONE)

 28. Wendy (Red Velvet)

 27. Kwon Eunbi (IZ*ONE)

 26. Seunghee (OH MY GIRL)

 25. Miyeon ((G)I-DLE)

 24. Yooa (OH MY GIRL)

 23. Kim Chaewon (IZ*ONE)

 22. Lee Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE)

 21. Sana (TWICE)

Sana (TWICE)
Sana (TWICE)

From 20th to 11th place

 20. Yuqi ((G)I-DLE)

 19. Binnie (OH MY GIRL)

 18. Ryujin (ITZY)

 17. Nayeon (TWICE)

 16. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

 15. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

 14. Jo Yuri (IZ*ONE)

 13. Jung Eunji (Apink)

 12. Yoona (SNSD)

 11. Lisa (BLACKPINK)


From 10th to 1st place

 10. Jang Wonyoung (IZ*ONE / IVE)

 9. Joy (Red Velvet)

 8. Irene (Red Velvet)

 7. Karina (aespa)

 6. Arin (OH MY GIRL)

 5. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

 4. Winter (aespa)

 3. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

 2. Rosé (BLACKPINK)

 1. Taeyeon (SNSD)

Taeyeon (SNSD)
Taeyeon (SNSD)


  • The group that has all members entered the chart: BLACKPINK, aespa, Red Velvet
  •  Groups with 3 or more members entered the chart: TWICE, Oh My Girl, IZ*ONE, ITZY, (G)I-DLE
  •  Groups with 2 or more members entered the chart: SNSD, MAMAMOO, STAYC, IVE
  •  Groups with at least one member entering the chart: LIGHTSUM, Kep1er, Apink
BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, and aespa are 3 girl groups with all members entering the chart
BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, and aespa are 3 girl groups with all members entering the chart

Some comments of Knet:

  • Taeyeon was born in 1989 and surpassed all the young idols who are more active than her to take the top spot!!
  • Gen 2 – SNSD, gen 3 – Blackpink, gen 4 – aespa.  Their rank seems to be the highest.
  • Every day I still find Taeyeon’s live performances on Youtube!
  • Taeyeon is amazing.  Yoona is also great!!
  • Wow, Kep1er’s Kang Yeseo also made the list even though the group hasn’t debuted yet!!
  • Well, Taeyeon’s 15 years old, but she’s still at #1.. It’s daebak.  Taeyeon is the queen!
  • All the members of Red Velvet and BLACKPINK are here.
  • Looks like Sieun is the most popular member of STAYC!!
  • Jennie hasn’t even had any music activities since Lovesick Girls.
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