Top 5 girlgroups who will dominate KPop in 2019 according to the holy prophet

In particular, the top 5 did not have the presence of one of the most popular female group this year, BLACKPINK.

It’s been a long time since we heard the news about the holy prophet @kpopredictions_. After a time of becoming a phenomenon in the Kpop fan community, the one who owns this exciting prediction account suddenly narrows down activities dramatically.

People are curious why @kpopredictions_ posts less and less predictions. Are the assumptions about whether this account belongs to a saesang fan or a big name in the Korean entertainment industry true?

Regardless of its authenticity, fans still find @kpopredictions_ a news channel worth to meditate and discuss. The most recent post is predictions over top five girlgroup that will dominate Kpop in 2019.


Talking about the reason why the topic is so hot again, of course, there is also a story of interest on the sidelines. At the time of February 2018, when top 5 girlgroups in 2019 was announced, there were many KPOP fans loudly protesting and criticizing the account owner. Most arguments emphasized that BLACKPINK was not in top 5.

Ever since the YG girls debuted, they were actually a YG’s hit. The name BLACKPINK has become more and more famous with many hits, and their popularity has continuously on the rise. Therefore, it’s hard to believe that 5-member girl group will fall out of top 5 in 2019. The belief is reinforced by the success of hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, making the summer explode this year.

After that, Jennie’s sudden solo debut opened a new turning point for the story. From here, the biggest scandals in the YG female group’s career came out, including the fact that Jennie was favoured by the company, leading to her neglecting group activities. That situation made the remaining 3 members somehow affected. Everyday, there are dozens of articles, videos mentioning the group name with negative information.

Even so, many fans are worried and skeptical of BLACKPINK’s future, as Jennie’s being favored by YG continues to threaten the future of the group.

It was also when some Kpop fans realized that earlier this year, @kpopredictions_ did not mention BLACKPINK as the top girl group in the upcoming year. This prophetic channel has many times guessed correctly about incidents in Kpop, this time what the results will be? Is it time for the YG female group to neglect group projects? In other words, one might argue that in 2019, YG only focused on four BLACKPINK members’ solo. That is the main reason for the group to slip away from the current top girlgroup.

Going back to the list that @kpopredictions_ launched, there is something that netizens may be extremely interested. For example, the 4th place is “YG’s Next Female Group.” Does this mean that next year, YG will release a male group (Treasure Boy) together with a female group (Future 2NE1?). The female group will quickly become famous, just like BLACKPINK in the 2016 debut?


In addition, the 3rd place is PRISTIN. Recently this girlgroup has consistently faced negative rumors, even being considered being abandoned like their sunbaenim After School. In 2019, PRISTIN and Pledis could do something to help the group turn into top leading girlgroups. A question is hard to guess, but it is worth looking at.

In the end, SM Entertainment’s new female group, according to @kpopredictions_, is believed to overtake TWICE to become the queen of the 3rd generation idols. Everyone is curious about Red Velvet’s juniors who are said to beat the female group from JYP.

Also, please don’t forget, in early 2019, JYP will release the next female group. The CEO who is good at producing girlgroups but not able to help the artists gain popularity, is also causing Kpop fans to look forward to.

And you, although this article is just for fun, do you have faith in top 5 girlgroups in 2019 of your own? Share it below right now!

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