Top 10 Most Famous Kpop Idols worldwide: all of BLACKPINK makes the list?

British media outlet Nubia magazine has compiled a list of Top 10 Most Famous Kpop Idols worldwide based on data collected from 70 platforms

Nubia Magazine, a British media outlet, has selected their Top 10 Most Famous Kpop Idols worldwide using data collected from over 70 SNS platforms, as well as from Google Trends and Google News. 

Below are the result of Nubie’s “Top 10 Most Famous Kpop Idols worldwide”

Cha Eun Woo

10. Cha Eun Woo: Having earned attention not only as a member of boy group ASTRO but also as an actor, Cha Eun Woo is often named among the most handsome Kpop idols and actors. So far, he has starred in various notable works, including “True Beauty”, “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”, and “Island”

9. Rosé: As the main vocalist of BLACKPINK – a top tier idol group that enjoys global popularity, Rosé is recognized for her immense musical talents. She also receives a lot of love for her “fanservice”, professionalism, and passion for music.

8. Baekhyun: A talented member of EXO, Baekhyun is the only representative of the boy group in this Top 10 ranking. Alongside his strong and admirable vocals, Baekhyun has successfully ventured into acting, with a notable role in “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.”

7. Jennie: BLACKPINK’s rapper Jennie is the first member of the group to release a successful solo project. Her name has achieved international recognition, not only for her music ventures, but also for her acting attempt in HBO’s “The Idol” and immense fashion impact. Currently, the BLACKPINK member is the ambassador for Chanel and Calvin Klein, even nicknamed “sold-out queen” for her “trend-creating” power. 

6. J-Hope: The BTS member is appreciated for his impeccable dancing skills and multiple roles in the group, as he also excels in rapping and singing. With a humorous and cheerful personality, alongside work dedication, J-Hope is simply an idol that fans can look up to. Previously in an interview, J-Hope stated that his stage name signifies bringing positive hope to his fans.

5. Jisoo: BLACKPINK Jisoo has attracted attention from the group’s debut due to her striking appearance. In fact, Jisoo has overcome initial criticism and received huge successes for her solo release “Flower”, which went on to set several records. She has also found success in acting, starring alongside Jung Hae In in “Snowdrop.”

4. Jimin: Jimin, has been praised by international fans for his musical talents and outstanding dance skills. Once the top student in modern dance at the Busan School of Arts, Jimin is now recognized as an exceptional performer and singer. The male idol is also known for his friendly interactions with fans.

3. Lisa: The main dancer and youngest member of BLACKPINK, Lisa, is the only female idol to make it to the Top 3 of Nubia’s “Top 10 Most Famous Kpop Idols worldwide” rankings. With her immense passion for performance and outstanding stage presence, the Thai star easily captivate attention, even from non-fans. 

2. Jungkook: The youngest member of BTS is so talented, kind, and humble, he got called “the golden maknae” of Kpop by Korean media. In fact, Jungkook is now a global superstar with top-tier success, and his latest solo release, “Seven”, is now dominating music charts around the world. 

1. V: Last but not least, BTS V holds the top position in Nubia “Top 10 Most Famous Kpop Idols worldwide”. With influence transcending from music, acting, to fashion, there’s simply no denying V’s immense popularity. The male idol is also dropping his first solo album, “Layover”, extremely soon.

Source: K14

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