The ending of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is giving the audience goosebumps the more they think about it

The story about blue whales mentioned in episode 2 of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” actually has a relation to the ending of the drama.

The ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (hereinafter referred to as Woo Young-woo) has reached its grand finale. The series shows a close-to-perfect ending that is closely tied to the opening, and is receiving favorable reviews from many viewers.

In the meantime, a post written by a netizen about “Woo Young-woo” ending is being shared by many people.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

On the morning of August 19th, a day after the last episode of “Woo Young-woo” was broadcast, a post titled “The sea eventually kept the secret for the whale”, was posted on the online community FM Korea.

The post includes screenshots of the scene where Woo Young-woo and Lee Joon-ho had a phone call in the second episode of “Woo Young-woo”. In this scene, Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) called Lee Joon-ho (Kang Tae-oh) early in the morning and told him stories about whales.

While talking on the phone, Woo Young-woo said, “It’s the fact that no one has ever seen a blue whale giving birth to its baby. Maybe it is too difficult to capture the scene of a blue whale as large as a Boeing 737 giving birth to its baby as big and heavy as a hippo, but it is also the big and deep sea that hides the whales’ secret”, telling Lee Joon-ho about the blue whales.

Netizens speculated that this content was a hint for a scene of Han Sun-young (Baek Ji-won) in the last episode. In the last episode, Han Sun-young was seen not revealing the secret of Tae Soo-mi and her out-of-wedlock daughter Woo Young-woo but protecting it until the end.

Internet users expressed great satisfaction with the ending of “Woo Young-woo”, saying “Hanbada eventually kept Young-woo’s secret till the end. I thought Han Sun-young would definitely make an article about Tae Soo-mi having a child born out of wedlock… It’s good to find the hint for this detail.”

Source: wikitree

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