Top 10 best Kpop artists of 2018 by MMA: Fan angry because Red Velvet is not on the list

MMA Awards 2018 has announced the top 10 Kpop artists of the year, unexpectedly without the name of Red Velvet.

On November 14th, in addition to announcing the nominees for the series of awards, Melon MusicAwards 2018 also revealed the top 10 Kpop artists of the year to receive the Bonsang Award. Top 10 includes Apink, BlackPink, EXO, iKon, TWICE, WannaOne, MAMAMOO, BTS, Bolbbalgan4, and BTOB. What makes fans so confused and angry is that this list doesn’t consist of Red Velvet.

In the year 2018, Red Velvet was active and made a huge comeback with two hits, “Power Up” and “Bad Boy“. In particular, “Power Up” also helped RedVelvet to achieve the first Perfect All-kill achievement in their career. It isknown that MMA 2018 selected the top 10 Bonsang by the criteria of 80% digitalscore and 20% of the vote from fans. In terms of both criteria, Red Velvet iswell enough to be in the top 10. Fans are outraged and they question MMA to beunfair when choosing the most worthy artists for the Bonsang.

Source: Kenh 14

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