Thunder & Mimi Join ‘Lovers of Joseon 2’ And Show Their Marriage Preparation Process

MBLAQ’s Thunder and Gugudan’s Mimi revealed the process of how they are preparing for their wedding

According to SPOTVE News on December 8th, Thunder (Park Sang-hyun, 33 years old) and Mimi (Jung Mi-mi, 30 years old) will appear on TV Chosun’s entertainment program “Lovers of Joseon Season 2”.

“Lovers of Joseon 2” is a hyper-realistic documentary entertainment program that depicts the love story of various affectionate men.

thunder mimi

Season 1 cast members were Choi Sung-guk & his wife, Lee Soo-min & Won-hyuk couple, as well as Kim Seul-gi, known as the 10th Ok-soon of “I Am SOLO”, & “Love After Divorce” Yoo Hyun-chul. The program showed the cast talking about various stages in their relationships, such as falling in love, getting married, having children, and remarrying.

Planning to hold their wedding next year, Thunder and Mimi will also unveil their sweet romance and their wedding preparation process through “Lovers of Joseon 2”.

Earlier, the two publicized their romantic relationship and announced their marriage through an entertainment program after 4 years of dating secretly. Attention is focused on the real love story that Thunder and Mimi, who have been making headlines ever since their marriage announcement, will tell through “Lovers of Joseon 2”.

Source: Nate

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