The surprising reason these two actors, who don’t look like a couple at all, are cast to be on-screen husband and wife in “Train To Busan”

The amazing reason why these two actors became on-screen husband and wife on “Train To Busan”.

Director Yeon Sang-ho appeared in an interview after the premiere of “Train to Busan” and revealed the reason why Ma Dong-seok and Jung Yu-mi appeared as a married couple in the movie.

Train To busan

“Originally, I intended to cast an actor who fits the image of a younger man to make the textbook version of an older woman-younger man couple. However, after a meeting with writer Park Joo-seok, who worked together with me in scriptwriting, I have decided to make him a macho character,” director Yeon revealed, explaining why he cast Ma Dong-seok for the role.

Then, he thought about a partner actress who would love and comfort this macho man character. The director suddenly thought about a barber who looked like Ma Dong-seok at the barber shop he frequented in high school and remembered that that barber’s wife was very pretty. So it is said that Jung Yu-mi was the chosen one after he went out to look for an actress with a similar atmosphere to the barber’s wife. 

train to busan

On the first filming day, the result turned out to be better than he expected, and he was so satisfied because it felt like he was watching the barber couple then.

Source: Daum

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