Threats of Bombing, Attempted Apartment Break-In: Taylor Swift’s Endless Stalking Ordeal

According to Page Six on the 20th (local time), a man was arrested on suspicion of attempting to break into Taylor Swift‘s New York apartment in Tribeca on this day.

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department stated that the police received a report of a “disorderly person” on Franklin Street.

The spokesperson added, “Upon arrival, the police received information that the person had attempted to open the building’s door at the location.”

Taylor Swift

Witnesses reported, “We first saw him around 1 p.m., and he went up to Taylor’s house door.”

It was revealed that this man had been extensively surveying the area around where Swift lives for a month.

This is not the first time Swift has experienced stalking. In June 2nd, Michel Tebel (36) faced legal troubles for stalking, threatening, invading privacy, and harassing Swift.

Tebel had sent a voicemail saying, “If I can’t be with Swift, I will explode a bomb.” He also attempted to break into Swift’s house in Nashville.

Meanwhile, Swift is in a relationship with American football player Travis Kelce (34). Recently, engagement rumors surfaced, but they have been confirmed to be untrue.

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