From “Flower Snake” Kim Jung-min to “2.5 billion won loan” Choi Jin-sil, young people who were killed by words

The phrase, “Words can kill,” is actually happening. Groundless rumors and malicious comments have cost many celebrities their jobs and even their lives.

“I felt like everyone was looking at me in a bad light. I was scared”

Broadcaster Kim Jung-min won the case after a long legal battle with hwe ex-boyfriend. However, she is suffering to the point where she cannot return to the entertainment industry anymore and even thinks of taking extreme choices due to the rumors circulating around her regardless of the truth, and the malicious comments that follow.

Kim Jung-min got the chance to talk about the 1 billion won scandal with her ex-boyfriend. She appeared on MBN’s “Special World,” which aired on August 25th, and looked back on her five-year hiatus. She, who has been constantly picking up trash since the controversy, appeared on broadcast on the same day while picking up trash on the street.

In 2017, Kim Jung-min’s ex-boyfriend filed a lawsuit against her for marriage fraud, claiming that he had paid hundreds of millions of won while dating her for nearly two years since 2013. Due to that, she temporarily suspended her broadcasting activities.

Kim Jung-min said, “There were so many malicious comments. From accusing me of marriage fraud to being a flower snake (a slang to talk about female con artists who exploit the confidence of men with sex appeal), there were malicious comments that I couldn’t really tell you here,” she said adding, “I took a break from work regardless of my will because of this kind of incident.”

She added, “Even before the results of the trial came out, my image was almost hitting the bottom so I thought it might be difficult to recover. The other party was found guilty. Up to this point, I’ve almost stopped appearing on broadcasts like this.” 

Malicious comments that follow you like a shadow are life-threatening. Top actress Choi Jin-sil committed suicide in 2008 after suffering from depression due to hateful comments. At the time, she was the victim of cyberbullying and struggled mentally due to the rumor that she had loaned a large sum of money to the late Ahn Jae-hwan.

Former f(x) member and actress Sulli also ended her life after a series of sexual harassment and personal attacks aimed at her online. Other K-pop idols, such as SHINee’s Jonghyun and KARA’s Goo Hara, were also found dead from suicide after fighting depression for a long time. 

Everyone encounters big and small waves in life.  Celebrities also have personal problems that they have to go through quietly on their own. No one has the right to push a person over the edge of a cliff with all kinds of malicious rumors. 

Source: daum

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