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This “Single’s Inferno” cast member was disrespected at “real life Squid Game”

A cast member of “Single’s Inferno” recently appeared in a gameshow compared to “Squid Game”, only to receive disrespect. 

The Korean survival program “Physical: 100” is currently drawing a lot of attention, even earning the nickname of “real life Squid Game”. The game show gathers numerous participants in excellent physical conditions, who work in the military, police, or as athletes. As a result, the appearance of Cha Hyun Seung – who is known as Sunmi’s close dancer and a “Single’s Inferno” cast member, raises a lot of doubts. 

Cha Hyun Seung Physical 100

Since he works as a dancer, Cha Hyun Seung was disrespected by a lot of competitors. Initially, they expressed doubts about Cha Hyun Seung’s physique and ability, only for the dancer to turn the tables by winning his mud-wrestling battle. The core power of strength of Cha Hyun Seung has thus deeply impressed his fellow contestants.

Cha Hyun Seung Physical 100
Cha Hyun Seung Physical 100
Cha Hyun Seung earned the respect of others after his wrestling match

Alongside his appearance in “Single’s Inferno”, Cha Hyun Seung has drawn attention for his intense chemistry with Sunmi, to the point they were suspected of dating. The dancer has also worked with other celebrities, including Stray Kids, Rain, EXO, and more. 

Cha Hyun Seung

It is known that Cha Hyun Seung is fond of exercising, and often spends his time in the gym, building his muscular body and six-pack abs. He also does business and works as a freelance model, incurring an estimated net worth of 1.8 billion won. 

Cha Hyun Seung drew the eyes of Song Ji Ah in “Single’s Inferno”, but failed to become the YouTuber’s final pick in the dating show.

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