KBS’ daughter – Lee Ye Rim and her journey to change her appearance

This actress once attracted attention after losing weight and making a makeover.

Lee Ye Rim, also known as “the daughter of KBS president Lee Kyung Kyu,” is a Korean actress. Despite her excellent family background, Lee Ye Rim does not appear to be interested in the entertainment industry. She has only three films and four years of experience in her whole career.


ID: Gangnam Beauty was Lee Ye Rim‘s first drama, which was released in 2018. Lee Ye Rim had to make herself ugly for the first time in public to fit the role. She gained 9kg and wore only light make-up and a simple outfit. In fact, before this project, she was thought to be not beautiful when she appeared in some of her father’s photos.

Lee Ye Rim in ID: Gangnam Beauty

After this drama, Lee Ye Rim started to get more attention and also knew how to take care of herself better. A year later, she appeared in Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung and then At A Distance, Spring Is Green in 2021. In At A Distance, Spring Is Green, she had a spectacular makeover. She became more beautiful, much thinner than before.

Beautiful Lee Ye Rim in At A Distance, Spring Is Green

In real life, Lee Ye Rim also changed her visual, becoming attractive with a hot body. Recently, she also caused a stir when she held a fairy-like wedding and put on the most beautiful wedding dress.

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