This Movie’s Shocking Ending Can Give You A Mental Breakdown

Yamato is a vicious serial killer who has committed 8 murders over seven years while serving as an ordinary bakery owner. He is serving a death sentence for incarceration, abuse and murder of girls in their late teens. Meanwhile, Masaya grows up with everyone’s expectations as an honor student but now lives every day as an outsider after entering law school at a low-ranking university. He receives a letter from his neighbor, Yamato, asking him to find the real criminal of the last crime, which he didn’t commit. And as Masaya re-examines the case in question, he comes across a shocking truth.

“Lesson in Murder” is a psychological film like “The Silence of The Lambs,” but the opponent of the killer this time is a college student who lives as if he were self-inflicted in his daily life. This psychologically weak character acts like his tool rather than the killer’s opponent. It reveals the beauty of psychological warfare through the close relationship between the killer and the main character, a college student, who have known each other since childhood, and the past of the killer who has lived by manipulating others.

“Lesson in Murder”’s main subject is a story about the psychology of manipulating others, such as “gaslighting,” which has recently emerged as a crime and social problem. The more the truth is revealed, the more the stories of victims who were manipulated by the killer are highlighted, creating an eerie afterglow. As the truth behind the killer’s long-term project (?) that affected the mind of the protagonist and the daily lives of all characters is revealed, it makes us realize the influence of one criminal on many others and how scary it is for others to manipulate others.

It creates an eerie lingering feeling even for audiences. Is there anyone around me manipulating me as well? How is the aftermath affecting my life? From that point of view, “Lesson in Murder” will feel like a very unpleasant movie to some people.

Source: daum

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