Kim Hee-chul faces harsh criticism for wearing red slippers at the presidential election’s polling place 

Kim Hee-chul is being criticized for wearing red slippers at the polling place of the presidential election. The problem was that the red color symbolizes a specific power party.

Kim Hee-chul visited the Cheongdam Community Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on March 4th to vote in advance for the 20th presidential election.

Kim Hee-chul

The male idol appeared dressing up comfortably in a round tee and slacks pants. His whole outfit was beige, which is easy to recognize. However, some netizens got mad at his red slippers and a pink mask.

Some Internet users on online communities criticized Kim Hee-chul for hinting at his support for a particular candidate based on his fashion at the polling place. Before leaving, he even made a V-sign in front of the camera, which was also considered a political message.

Netizens continued to pour out criticisms, saying, “Among celebrities these days, who would ever make a V-sign at the polling place?”, “You don’t have to make it too obvious. This is so disappointing”, “Hee-chul showed his tendency for the conservatives on a live broadcast last year”, etc.

Kim Hee-chul

However, some people said it was an excessive suspicion and pointed out that Kim Hee-chul often wore red clothes. A netizen, who is a fan of Kim Hee-chul, said, “Kim Hee-chul originally likes red color. He used to wear an ‘all red’ outfit on a broadcast. This criticism seems to have crossed the line”.

Kim Hee-chul is not the only celebrity who gets criticized for his fashion at the polling place. Broadcaster Yoo Jae-seok once received negative responses as he showed support for the Democratic Party by wearing a blue hat, shoes and jeans at the polling place for the 2019 president election.

Meanwhile, the pre-voting for the 20th presidential election in Korea will run from 6 A.M to 6 P.M in two days (the 4th and 5th of March).

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