This idol-actress was casted in K-drama “Agency” thanks to Lee Bo Young

In April of last year, Son Na Eun left Apink, the group she had worked with for 11 years, and chose to focus on her career as an actress. 

On February 26th, at the end of JTBC’s “Agency“, which was Son Na Eun’s first project after her full conversion to acting, actress Lee Bo Young revealed the behind-the-scenes story of casting Son Na Eun and directly recommending the idol-actress for the role of Kang Han Na. 

Agency Son Na-eun Lee Bo Young

In particular, Lee Bo Young, who is recognized for her excellent acting skills, took on the role of female lead Go Ah In, who rose from a no-name employee to an executive, and carried out a plan using the president’s daughter, managing director Kang Han Na. 

Kang Han Na, played by Son Na Eun, is a 3rd-generation chaebol with an unpredictable personality. She works as the head of VC planning headquarters and is a star influencer known for her beauty.

Son Na-eun

Regarding the casting story, Lee Bo Young said via an interview that she recommended Na Eun for “Agency”. In particular, she said, “I thought (the role of Kang Han Na) would suit her well. Isn’t she a very trendy, glamorous, and pretty character? The director was thinking about who to cast as Han Na at a meeting, so I mentioned Son Na Eun”. 

“Afterwards, the director auditioned and cast Na Eun among many other actresses”, Lee Bo Young also said, adding, “I thought that she would fit the role with her bright and pretty feeling.” 

However, Son Na Eun, who joined the cast of “Agency” after Lee Bo Young’s recommendation and the director’s audition, was embroiled in controversy due to her “poor acting skills” in the early and middle stages of the work.

Son Naeun Agency

In particular, Son Na Eun was initially criticized by viewers for her awkward acting skills, but as the story progressed, she boasted a more immersive performance and received favorable reviews for being “a perfect choice for Kang Han Na”.

Lee Bo Young also commented on her impression of working with Son Na Eun, saying, “Na Eun worked very hard. There were times where the director took a few takes that didn’t work, but Na Eun was persistent and kept trying until it worked. She patiently followed me, it was good to see that she improved a lot as time went by.”

Upon finishing “Agency”, Son Na Eun commented, “It’s a work that I prepared and filmed for a long time, so I can’t believe that the broadcast has already ended. A lot of people around me told me that they enjoyed watching it, and I feel good that the show ended with a lot of love from the viewers.”

Source: Daum

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