This famous singer confessed that he once lost his voice due to stress

Singer-actor Kim Jae Joong talked about when he lost his voice because of stress in the past.

Kim Jae Joong and Park Tae Hwan met each other on Channel A’s “Nowadays Men’s Life Groom Class” and recalled their hard times.

On the broadcast, Park Tae Hwan mentioned the time when Kim Jae Joong couldn’t use his voice due to stress. He said, “The day your voice didn’t come out when you spoke, I thought you were acting at first”.

In response, Kim Jae Joong sadly confessed, “Actually, it was not because of vocal cord nodules, but rather a psychological issue. At that time, I held my fanmeeting even when I couldn’t use my voice”.

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When Park Tae Hwan asked, “Didn’t you proceed with the fan meeting because you couldn’t change the schedule?”, Kim Jae Joong replied, “I’m just that kind of person. I thought, ‘if I don’t do it, other people will have a hard time’, so I had no choice but to do things that even I couldn’t understand”, adding “I felt so sorry to the fans at that time, too”.

Watching the VCR in the studio, Park Tae Hwan explained, “Jae Joong finds it harder to see people around him suffer than his own hardships”.

In particular, Kim Jae Joong has been a reliable supporter of others while silently enduring his own pains. 

The male singer shocked everyone when he confessed, “I used to think a lot about whether people would be happy if I did certain things. But in the end, as I kept seeing unhappy things, I got stressed out”, adding, “At that time, I even suffered hair loss”.

kim jae joong

Revealing that the hair loss part on the back of his head was about the size of a soju glass and he couldn’t tell anyone about that, Kim Jae Joong said, “Things were so tough back then, but it’s okay now. There are no longer such difficulties”.

Kim Jae Joong, a former member of TVXQ, left SM Entertainment in 2009 and signed a management contract with C-JeS Studios (formerly CJ Entertainment). Since then, he has been active as a singer and actor in both Korea and overseas.

On April 19th, C-JeS Studios stated, “We would like to inform you that our management contract with artist Kim Jae Joong will end as of April 22nd. It was our honor to work with Kim Jae Joong, who has been so well-loved for his successful global activities.”

Kim Jae Joong left C-JeS Studios and ended their 14-year relationship.

Source: Wikitree

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