This award-winning actor spotted stepping on IU’s dress two times at the Red Carpet event of the Cannes Film Festival

Even the world-renowned actor Song Kang-ho, who recently won Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival, could not avoid the hawk eyes of netizens.

Actor Song Kang-ho, who became the first Korean male actor to win Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival, made a small topic for netizens to discuss as he was caught stepping on IU’s dress twice.

Song Kang-ho and IU appeared on the Red Carpet of the 75th Cannes Film Festival. As their movie “Broker” directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda was selected to compete for the Palme d’Or. Photos of the two on the Red Carpet were recently spread on the Internet and drew laughter from netizens. It was because Song Kang-ho was seen stepping on IU’s dress on the Red Carpet two times.

IU Song Kang-ho

The first time was spotted at the World Premiere event for “Broker”, which was held at the Lumiere Grand Theater in Cannes, France on May 27th (local time). “Broker” actors Song Kang-ho, Kang Dong-won, IU, Lee Joo-young, and director Hirokazu Kore-Eda appeared splendidly on the Red Carpet.

IU showed off her elegant charm in a gray chiffon dress. Since it was IU’s first time attending this event, she looked quite nervous, while Song Kang-ho, who already visited Cannes for the 7th time, comforted IU and fellow actors with his bright smile and confidence. 

However, it was Song Kang-ho’s foot, which was slightly stepping on IU’s dress, that caught the attention of netizens. This incident happened when they were posing in front of the camera of reporters and fans. Coincidentally, this scene was repeated at the closing ceremony of Cannes, which was held on May 29th. In the photos released by the media, IU was wearing a green dress, and Song Kang-ho once again gently stepped on the end of IU’s dress while doing the same poster, making everyone laugh.

IU Song Kang-ho

In response to this funny moment, netizens commented, “What’s funny is that he stepped on the same position while doing the same pose”, “He stepped on one position twice. I thought it was a copy & paste photo”, “He did it twice ㅋㅋ”, “I guess he didn’t notice this because the dresses were actually quite long”, etc.

Meanwhile, Song Kang-ho won Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival for the movie “Broker”. IU, who starred in the film together with him, also enjoyed the happiness of appearing on Cannes’s Red Carpet with her commercial film debut. “Broker” is scheduled to premiere in Korea on the 8th of next month.

Source: Nate

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