This Actor Shines as the Standout Male Lead in Early 2024’s Historical K-Drama Scene

Among recent popular K-dramas, “Captivating the King” hasn’t quite garnered the same level of buzz. The drama’s ratings have been fluctuating continuously, indicating a lack of consistent viewership. However, on Netflix, “Captivating the King” has achieved some notable success, ranking in the top 7 on the most-viewed TV shows globally on Netflix.

Captivating the King

Jo Jung Suk, who plays the male lead, has been regarded as the soul of “Captivating the King”. He brings about a remarkable transformation, completely shedding the image of his popular comedic roles. Jo Jung Suk portrays a dignified, calm, and earnest royal figure, yet warm and affectionate. 

Viewers are completely captivated by Jo Jung Suk’s outstanding acting. Particularly, his portrayal of emotionally intense scenes is beyond commendable. Audiences are also amazed to see a completely different side of Jo Jung Suk, as his character Yi In ascends to the throne. His determination, coldness, sometimes extreme ferocity, and sharp gaze truly leave viewers in awe.

Osen comments: “Jo Jung Suk has shown his keen sensitivity in placing his character in the whirlwind of palace politics amidst numerous enemies. He leaves viewers breathless with his cold eyes, warm voice, and irresistible charisma. At the same time, Jo Jung Suk excellently conveys the weight and pain of the character.”

Source: K14

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