These Two K-pop Idols Have Impressively Attained Full Membership in KOMCA

To qualify for a KOMCA full membership, an artist must generate a minimum of 30 million won annually in royalties, gain approval from the board of directors, and have held junior membership for a minimum of three years. This year, only two idols achieved this remarkable milestone, securing their positions as full-fledged members of the association.


The first one is BTS Jungkook. In 2023, his solo album GOLDEN achieved the unprecedented feat of surpassing 2 billion streams on Spotify, and maintained a presence on the Billboard 200 for 12 consecutive weeks.

Jungkook has been contributing to BTS’s music since his debut in 2013. He holds multiple writing credits, with over 18 tracks for BTS and six for his solo.

(g)i-dle soyeon

The second idol is (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon.. Widely recognized for her writing, composing and producing skills, Soyeon played a pivotal role in shaping the musical direction of (G)I-DLE. 

(g)i-dle soyeon

She was responsible for writing, composing, and arranging numerous tracks for the group, showcasing her versatile abilities. Notably, in the group’s most recent comeback, Soyeon contributed to nearly every track on their 2nd full album “TWO”, including the title track, “Super Lady.”

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