Woo Ji-yoon from BOL4 signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, officially starting her promotions

Former member of BOL4 Woo Ji-yoon signed an exclusive contract with Double X Entertainment.

On Mar 14th, Double X Entertainment announced, “We are happy to have a new start with Woo Ji-yoon,” and added, “We will provide our full support for Woo to continue her active activities in the future.”

Woo Ji-yoon, who is now in the same agency with singer-songwriter Ahn Ye-eun, said, “I will approach the public with various music regardless of genre in the future,” adding, “I am happy to meet a company that can share my specific directions in the future. I want to greet the audience with my good appearance at Double X Entertainment,” she said.

Woo Ji-yoon

Woo Ji-yoon started his solo career in 2020 and has steadily accumulated her own color and musicality through her songs of various genres. Attention is focusing on what musical color Woo Ji-yoon, who is healing listeners’ ears with her own music, will portray while joining hands with Double X Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Double X Entertainment, which signed a contract with Woo Ji-yoon, is a company that is managing singer-songwriters with their own solid music colors such as Ahn Ye-eun, Beom-jin, and Nody Cika, and is releasing various contents and music.

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