The viral female dancer on Mnet show used to take the spotlight during EXO Kai’s solo thanks to her idol-like visual

In case you haven’t noticed, the female dancer who is gaining huge attention on Mnet’s latest show used to appear on EXO Kai’s solo stages. Her popularity can be compared to an idol’s.

A year ago, Kai (EXO) made a solo debut with the song Mmmh, marking the male idol’s return on stage after a long absence. Notably, during Kai’s solo promotion, viewers paid more attention to one of his backup female dancers. 

Recently, netizens are excited after seeing this female dancer appear on Mnet’s latest dance show ‘Street Woman Fighter’. When she first showed up at the studio, because she went viral before for her appearance, she was quickly noticed by other dancers in the competition.  Some contestants said that this female dancer was originally noticed by netizens because of her pretty look,  so her real ability was still doubted by other dancers.

Kai released the solo track Mmmh last year, marking his return after a long absence.
This female dancer’s appearance on Mnet’s latest dance show ‘Street Woman Fighter’ has caught netizens attention 
noze street woman fighter
Some other dancers think that this female dancer was originally noticed by netizens thanks to her outstanding visual

The dancer who gains netizens’ attention thanks to her visual is Noze, currently a member of the dance crew Way B. She is also the crew’s leader. Kai’s female dancer happened to go viral not only due to her attractive dance moves but also her gorgeous appearance.

Noze appeared in Way B’s dance video at Mnet show

Noze was a backup dancer but still managed to take the spotlight in the EXO member’s solo performances After watching the stage, netizens immediately searched for the fancam of this female dancer. It seems that fans have gradually forgotten Kai’s presence for a moment. Having a top-notch, idol-like appearance and eye-catching dancing performances, Noze has impressed many people.

Noze’s fancam even reached millions of views on YouTube
noze street woman fighter
Having a top-notch and idol-like appearance, and good dancing skills, Noze makes many people fall in love

Noze looks like a living doll with a high nose and big round eyes. Fans think that if Noze debuted as an idol, she would certainly be famous, even making some current female idols wary.

noze street woman fighter
Fans believe Noze would stand out if she debuted as an idol

Knets left many comments praising Noze:

  • She’s been popular since Kai’s solo.
  • You have to watch the video to see how pretty she is.
  • She’s even more beautiful than idols. She dances well too.
  • Both her face and body are perfect.
  • Is this the famous dancer who has her own fancam?
  • I’m so jealous of her nose!
  • She looks even prettier on TV.
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