7 Korean actors with brilliant acting and excellent filmography 

Almost every work starring these actors is a must-watch.

Constantly starring in high-rated works and delivering flawless performances, the following names are among the most trustworthy actors of the Korean screen.

Seo Hyun Jin

Seo Hyun Jin

Although she started out as a female idol, Seo Hyun Jin is barely referred to as an idol actor because of her impressive acting. From “Another Oh Hae Young”, “You Are My Spring”, “The Beauty Inside”, to “Why Her” that just premiered recently, Seo Hyun Jin has continued to prove that not only is her acting getting better, she has always had a good eye when it comes to choosing the right scripts.

Ji Sung

Ji Sung is the king when it comes to Korean actors who can nail psychologically complicated, emotionally challenging roles. Every time he transforms into a new character, Ji Sung amazes the audience with his acting. Ji Sung’s range as shown through his drama filmography is without doubt impressive. Outstanding examples are “Kill Me Heal Me”, “Defendant”, “Secret Love”, “Doctor John”, and his latest comeback in “The Devil Judge”. 

Nam Goong Min 

Namgoong Min

After taking on antagonistic roles in “The Girl Who Sees Scent” and “Remember” and leaving a lasting impression with his brilliant portrayal, Nam Goong Min’s acting career was taken to the next level. He then continued to star as leads in high-rated dramas such as “Doctor Prisoner”, “Awaken”, “Stove League”, “The Veil” and flaunt his phenomenal acting. 

Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae-ri

Kim Tae Ri only debuted in 2016, but her filmography is already insanely impressive. From the critically acclaimed movie “The Handmaiden” that marked her debut to her first ever drama “Mr. Sunshine” that recorded high ratings, it did not take Kim Tae Ri long to become a “monster rookie” among young actresses. Earlier this year, thanks to the success of her comeback drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One”, Kim Tae Ri excellently won Best Actress at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Jo Jung Suk

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Jo Jung Suk’s acting career began in musical plays. In 2012, after starring in “Architecture 101” and “The King 2 Hearts”, he gained success in both the small and big screen. Since then, every project with the participation of Jo Jung Suk has continued to live up to viewers’ expectations, from “Oh My Ghost”, “Don’t Dare to Dream”, “Hospital Playlist” broadcast on TV, to “My Annoying Brother”, “Exit” released in theaters. 

Lee Joon Gi

Again My Life

It is impossible not to include Lee Joon Gi when mentioning the most versatile Korean actors. From historical to modern settings, from romance, melodrama to mystery, thriller, there is not one genre that Lee Joon Gi fails to digest. This also explains his excellent filmography including “The King and the Clown”, “Moon Lovers”, “Flower Of Evil”, “Scholar Who Walks The Night”, and “Again My Life” that recently ended with two-digit ratings. 

Gong Hyo Jin

gong hyo jin thumbnail

Gong Hyo Jin’s filmography easily explains why she is so iconic. Not once has she disappointed the audience with her acting either. Her range goes from romantic comedy, melodrama, thriller, to even horror. Not only has Gong Hyo Jin starred in various genres, the quality of her works has been consistently good. Based on the commercial success of her most well-known dramas such as “When The Camellia Blooms”, “The Master’s Sun”, “It’s Okay, That’s Love”, “Don’t Dare to Dream”, Gong Hyo Jin isn’t dubbed the “rating guarantee” for nothing.  

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