The unique acceptance speech of an unmarried actress who has been dating a man for 22 years

Actress Oh Na-ra’s acceptance speech is drawing attention.

At the “2021 SBS Drama Awards” held on Dec 31st, actress Oh Na-ra won the Best Character Award.

Oh Na-ra

Oh Na-ra shared, “It was a happy year for me to meet such a pretty, nice and humane work called ‘Racket Boys’. The award I received is the Best Character Award, but the writer created my role attractively, so I just expressed it as it was written.”

After pausing for a moment, she cried, saying, “It’s actually my first time receiving an award from a broadcasting station.”

Oh Na-ra

She added, “After acting on stage as a musical actress for a long time, I participated in my first drama 13 years ago on SBS. As such, it’s more meaningful to receive my first award here. I’ve been working hard with the thought of ‘just being on the filming site is grateful enough’, but I’m so touched that you seem to be recognizing and acknowledging me.”

Then, she referred to her lover Kim Do-hoon, “I’m so grateful to my parents, and I also want to show off this award to my lover. Thanks to my second parents for giving birth to a great son.”

Oh Na-ra

Oh Na-ra has been dating actor Kim Do-hoon for 22 years. The two developed into a romantic relationship after appearing together in the musical “Empress Myeongseong” in the past. Kim Do-hoon is known to be working as a musical actor cum professor.

Oh Na-ra Kim Do-hoon

Finally, Oh Na-ra concluded her acceptance speech, “I’ll continue to strive to become an actress who brightens up the work without trying to shine at the center.”

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