“The Red Sleeve” Lee Jun-ho recalled the bathtub scene, “I spent 1 year building my abs, so I wanted to show it more”

Appearing on “Radio Star” to keep his rating promise, Lee Jun-ho talked about the bathtub scene in “The Red Sleeve” that drew explosive reactions after it was broadcast.

The broadcast of MBC’s talk show “Radio Star” (planned by Kang Young-sun, directed by Kang Sung-ah), scheduled to air on January 26th, will carry out the “Let’s Go to our Palace” Special featuring actors Lee Jun-ho, Lee Se-young, Jang Hye-jin, Oh Dae-hwan, Kang Hoon and Lee Min-ji.

Perfectly portraying Yi San in “The Red Sleeve”, Lee Jun-ho recently aroused drama fans’ interest with his affectionate romance performances and outstanding acting skills. In particular, appearing on “Radio Star”, Lee Jun-ho drew attention by telling honest stories about the bathtub scene in the drama, which received enthusiastic responses from viewers because of his perfect abs reveal.

Radio Star

Lee Jun-ho frankly confessed, “I spent one year working out and building my body. In fact, I want to show more of it”, surprising everyone.

In addition, Lee Jun-ho revealed that there was no line in the original script for the scene in which he said, “I’m going to sleep holding only your hands tonight”, which made headlines on SNS after its broadcast.

Then, Lee Jun-ho tells the behind story of Lee San and Deok-im’s kiss scene. In particular, he attracts everyone’s attention by saying, “I did ‘this’ before filming!”

Radio Star

About the “organizing Deok-im’s belongings” scene in the last episode of “The Red Sleeve”, Lee Jun-ho made a surprise confession, “I intentionally filmed it without rehearsal. I sobbed as I smelled an unexpected scent from ‘this’.”

On the other hand, Lee Jun-ho mentions the fact that he left Lee Se-young behind and kissed Nam Goong-min at the MBC Drama Awards. The actor also raises expectations by revealing his secret call with Nam Goong-min, a “The Red Sleeve” viewer.

Lee Jun-ho’s honest review of the bath scene in “The Red Sleeve” will be released on “Radio Star” that airs at 10:30 PM on Jan 26th.

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