The reason why ZICO got cursed at by his colleagues and eventually had to make an official apology

In 2020, singer Zico created a new culture by shaking the music industry with his addictive hit song “Any Song.”

It’s the “Any Song Challenge.” At that time, many people, including celebrities, followed Zico‘s dance and posted it on their SNS accounts such as TikTok and YouTube.

However, some stars expressed their grievances due to the spread of this challenge culture.

In JTBC’s entertainment program “New Festa,” which aired in August, Zico appeared and fascinated viewers with his various performances.

zico new festa

On this day, Zico stirred up the atmosphere by performing hits such as “Any Song,” “BERMUDA TRIANGLE,” and “FANXY CHILD.”

After his performance, the MCs exclaimed, “Isn’t ’Any Song’ the first to create the culture of challenge?”

Singer Kyuhyun said, “Did you expect your challenge to do well when you made ‘Any Song’? Didn’t the whole nation follow your trend at the time?” but Zico quickly denied it.

zico new festa

Zico said, “I thought it would stop after I was done promoting my song. I didn’t know it would be normalized as an official part of the promotion process now,” he said, explaining that it started as just a small promotional content.

At this time, singer Sunmi said, “I’m having a hard time because of Zico. All entertainment companies (after the ‘Any Song Challenge’) are having a hard time making the challenges,” she said, drawing attention.

zico new festa

In fact, many artists, including singers Young-tak, Sun-mi, and CLASS:y, all started their song challenges after releasing new songs.

It’s busy promoting a new song, but for stars, there is one more thing to do.

In response, Zico said, “Whenever a new song comes out, my fellow singers call me and say, ‘Everyone is suffering because of the challenge you made.’ That’s why I’m apologizing every time a new song comes out,” he admitted.

Zico said, “I would like to take this opportunity to express my apologies to the A&R teams and artists.”

zico new festa

Meanwhile, Zico entered the music industry as a member of Block B in 2011.

He swept the top of various music sites for each song he released. Zico himself wrote, composed, and produced almost all of Block B’s songs, showing a true artist aspect and outstanding talent.

Currently, Zico is more active in solo activities, releasing songs such as “Any Song,” “New Thing,” and “Ghost.”

Source: insight

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