The reason why Lee Do-hyun kneels down to Kim Go-eun, who is 4 years older than him, in “Exhuma”

Director Jang Jae-hyun's "Exhuma", which was considered the most anticipated film of 2024, was finally released on Feb 22nd

It follows exhumation of an ominous grave, which unleashes dreadful consequences buried underneath.

It is a new work by director Jang Jae-hyun, who has been evaluated as having opened up a new horizon in Korean occult films with “The Priests” and “Svaha: The Sixth Finger”. With the addition of top actors like Choi Min-sik, Yoo Hae-jin, Kim Go-eun and Lee Do-hyun, expectations were high.

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In fact, there was a leak of Kim Go-eun and Lee Do-hyun’s appearance as Hwa-rim and Bong-gil, respectively, before the movie was released. Although quickly removed, the intense visuals of the two and the tattoos covering Lee Do-hyun’s arms were enough to arouse fans’ curiosity.

Hwa-rim (played by Kim Go-eun) is a highly skilled shaman, while Bong-gil (played by Lee Do-hyun) is a disciple who serves Hwa-rim. Despite not appearing to have much age difference, Bong-gil respectfully defers to Hwa-rim with proper etiquette.

Hwa-rim, was I reliable?

Currently serving in the military after enlisting last year, Lee Do-hyun appeared via video at the press conference last January, introducing Bong-gil as a member of the MZ generation who is not only talented but also has the looks, likening him to a bodyguard who protects Hwa-rim, and asked for anticipation for the chemistry between Hwa-rim and Bong-gil.

Both characters showcase the fashion sense of the MZ generation in the film, but when it comes to their “profession”, viewers can see Bong-gil faithfully serving Hwa-rim without hesitation.

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The scene from the trailer where Hwa-rim smears soot on her face aroused much curiosity, but most viewers who watched the entire film evaluated that the scene of smearing soot was just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, the performances of actors like Choi Min-sik as geomancer Kim Sang-deok, Yoo Hae-jin as undertaker Yeong-geun and others in special appearances are also remarkable. “Exhuma”, which surpassed 330,000 viewers on its opening day, is expected to achieve good results through word of mouth.

Source: Daum

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