The reason why 2PM Ok Taecyeon became an “aegyo machine”

2PM member-actor Ok Taecyeon revealed the story behind his transformation into an “aegyo machine” recently

A video featuring Ok Taecyeon was uploaded on Baek Ji-young’s official YouTube channel “Baek Ji-young Baek Z Young” on Nov 16th.

On that day, Ok Taecyeon mentioned, “When I have fan meetings, sometimes fans ask me to do what young idols do.


He expressed, “When I was younger, heart signs were simple, but suddenly, there were things like bear hearts and cheek hearts. I actually hated doing those.”

However, Ok Taecyeon explained that his perspective changed 180 degrees after the release of 2PM’s album during the COVID-19 period.

He described how fansign events were conducted via video calls during the pandemic.


Ok Taecyeon said, “Fans prepared things, saying, ‘Please do this.’ I said I couldn’t do it, but one fan said, ‘Oppa, this is a paid service.’

He showed a cool attitude, “That person spent so much money for me. From then on, when fans asked ‘Oppa, please do this heart’, I did various hearts. I felt at ease. What does it matter if I do hearts?

Hearing this, Baek Ji-young praised, “I learn a lot (from you). I never do what I don’t like.”


Netizens also responded with various comments such as “It could have become a situation where an attitude controversy arises, but he fixed it right away. Indeed, he’s professional“, “I can feel his sincerity in thinking about fans“…

Meanwhile, Ok Taecyeon debuted as a member of boy group 2PM in 2008. He recently played the role of Seon Woo-hyul in KBS2’s drama “Heartbeat”, which concluded in August.

Source: Insight

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