The quartet of problematic male celebrities with shocking scandals in 2021: Kris Wu, Lucas, Jisoo, and Kim Seon Ho

4 famous male singers and actors of the Chinese - Korean entertainment industry including Kris Wu - NCT’s Lucas - Jisoo and Kim Seon Ho were continuously involved in breaking scandals that shocked the public. 

Never before in history, the Asian entertainment industry was shaken by as many appalling and unexpected news as in 2021. Consecutive scandals broke out, causing fans to lose faith in the male celebrities who always appear in public with flawless images. Looking back at the shocking scandals that were exposed this year, netizens call out the problematic “4-member squad” who got embroiled in the most scandalous incidents.

Kris Wu: Preying on minors, arrested on suspicion of rape, illegal drug use

The first male star who was under fire for his misdeeds in 2021 is former EXO’s member – Kris Wu. The scandal stemmed from a lengthy post shared by the 19-year-old influencer Du Meizhu to accuse the male singer of cheating. Shortly after that, more than 20 other girls also stood up against Kris Wu and provided evidence to expose his wrong behavior. 

Idols scandals 2021

However, the scandal began to become severe when Du Meizhu accused the famous actor of sexually abusing minors, causing the victim to become depressed and get a sexually transmitted disease. Another girl, former SNH48’s member Zhang Dansan also spoke up to accuse Kris Wu of groping and touching her chest the first time they met. She also shared screenshots of her conversations with the male singer. 

In response to the allegations, Kris Wu tried to clarify and even declared that he would be willing to go to jail if he broke the law. Unexpectedly, on August 31, the police announced the temporary arrest of the male singer on suspicion of rape. On social media platforms, a list of 8 crimes committed by Kris Wu was leaked, including: “sexual assault”, “raping minors”, “drug use”, “enticing underaged girls into using drug”,… Netizens also spread a rumor claiming that the youngest victim of Kris Wu is only 14 years old.

Idols scandals 2021

The male singer’s scandal caused 15 brands to cancel contracts with him in a row. The Asian public was in utter shock, Western media channels continuously reported on the incident. Currently, Kris Wu is still behind bars for the police to investigate the case. The Chinese star’s career was also destroyed completely as he was officially blacklisted in China.

Lucas (NCT): cheating, luring his girlfriends to have sex, money leeching

After Kris Wu, the 1999-born idol Lucas was the next person to get exposed. On August 23rd, a person suddenly claiming to be Lucas’s hard-core fan and secret lover posted an accusation on SNS. According to the girl’s revelation, Lucas never paid anything, not even a pack of cigarettes, for his girlfriend while they were dating. Later, 2 other girls also revealed that they used to date this NCT member and were also lured to go to the hotels with him.

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Among all accusations, the girls said Lucas always envied other NCT members and even badmouthed fans’ appearances. During their relationship, Lucas didn’t like using condoms and forced his girlfriend to have sex during her menstrual period. Moreover, he demanded his girlfriend to buy expensive clothes from luxury brands, such as Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, for him. Lucas even told her that his first time having sex was with a female at a massage parlor.

In the end, Lucas posted his apology on August 25th. He also announced his temporary suspension of activities and promised that he would never make this mistake again. However, Lucas’s action only made fans angrier and more disappointed. His image of a cute, innocent, and naive boy in the public eye collapsed completely.

Actor Kim Ji Soo: Accused of bullying friends at highschool and even sexually harassing a female classmate

On March 1, an anonymous account claimed to be a former classmate of Ji Soo’s at Seorabeol from 2016 to 2018. This account accused Ji Soo of bullying other students on a regular basis while they were in school.

At the same time, many people denounced Ji Soo for a variety of reasons, including: frequently attacking friends, having an aggressive personality, urinating in class, throwing tomatoes, and threatening others. In addition, the actor was accused of sexually harassing a female student. Those who speak out against Ji Soo all confirm that the above revelations are true.

Ji Soo was also accused of masturbating in class and even ejaculating on a female classmate. Netizens were shocked and bewildered by these revelations.

kim jisoo

On March 4, the actor apologized in a handwritten letter posted on Instagram, admitting all of his previous wrongdoings. Despite Jisoo’s remorse, the audience did not accept it and pushed the boycott of Ji Soo. Soon after, Ji Soo was forced to leave the River Where The Moon Rises project. Keyeast Entertainment has also terminated the actor’s contract.

Kim Seon-ho: Lying about the contract compensation of 900 million won, forcing his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion

The Korean entertainment industry is all focusing on the scandal of Kim Seon-ho – the male actor that is going viral throughout Asia for his role in the hit drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”.

Idols scandals 2021

On Oct 17th, an anonymous netizen called A posted on an online community, claiming that she is the ex-girlfriend of a “trending actor K” who had forced her to have an abortion. According to A, actor K convinced her to have the abortion and promised to marry her, using reasons such as 900 million won in contract compensation he would have to pay. However, after the abortion was done, actor K only paid her 2 million won for the hospital bill before suddenly breaking up with her through the phone at the end of May.

Kim seon ho

At the time, netizens immediately assumed that the mentioned actor K is Kim Seon-ho. What’s worth noticing is that the Sports Kyunghyang even used a censored photo of Kim Seon-ho for their article. Many brands have started to delete/set Kim Seon-ho’s content to private on their SNS platform. Amidst that, there was still no confirmation about the identity of actor K and his ex-girlfriend A.

However, netizens got hit with another blow this morning Oct 20th after Kim Seon-ho posted a long letter, admitting that he did force his girlfriend to have an abortion. The actor said he and his ex-girlfriend went out with good feelings for each other, but his carelessness and inconsiderate behavior had hurt her.

However, after the letter was posted, the public are even more furious. To them, Kim Seon-ho is now a problematic celebrity who plays with his fans’ support and they won’t forgive him in the future.

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