The outfits of “The Glory” Park Yeon Jin turns actress Lim Ji Yeon into a “fashion icon”

Actress Lim Ji Yeon is becoming a “fashion icon” with her stunning wardrobe in the Netflix drama “The Glory”. 

In the Netflix series “The Glory“, Lim Ji Yeon took on the role of Park Yeon Jin, who inflicted the indelible pain on Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), and successfully brought this character to life. Alongside her acting skills, Lim Ji Yeon’s fashion in “The Glory” is also becoming a hot topic.

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Lim Ji Yeon’s character works as a weather forecaster, whose husband is the president of a construction company, so she showed off an elegant, luxurious and neat fashion. In addition, she caught the attention of viewers through her stunning and colorful wardrobe, which is eye-catching no matter the circumstance. 

Lim Ji-yeon the glory

It is known that Lim Ji Yeon discussed the concept of Park Yeon Jin’s clothes with the stylist team, referencing the outfits of actual weather casters when working. Meanwhile, while with friends, this character will take on a more stylish look, fleshing out a perfect depiction of Park Yeon Jin.

Accordingly, after the release of “The Glory”, Lim Ji Yeon’s fashion collection in “The Glory” has  become a hot topic on online communities. The dresses, slip robes, and jackets worn by the actress were sold out, drawing huge attention. 

Lim Ji-yeon the glory

With such outstanding acting immersion, expectations are thus high for Lim Ji Yeon’s performance in season 2 of “The Glory”, as well as the colorful fashion of her character, Park Yeon Jin.

Meanwhile, “The Glory” Season 1 has gained worldwide popularity, even making it to Netflix’s global TOP 10 list. Season 2 of the drama will be released on March 10th, 2023.

Source: Nate 

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