Kwon Eun Bi mentions her popularity after Waterbomb, “Many people contacted me. They should have done it earlier”

Singer Kwon Eunbi realized her hot popularity after performing at the Waterbomb Festival.

Kwon Eun Bi guested on the July 25th broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Strong Heart League”.

kwon eun bi

Kwon Eun Bi recently created hot topics with her explosive performances at WATERBOMB, the largest music festival in Korea, and got nicknamed “hot summer queen” or “little mermaid”. 

When MC Lee Seung Gi asked, “Do you feel how popular you are these days?”, Kwon Eun Bi jokingly complained, “Many people have contacted me these days. They should have done it earlier”. 

Looking at the other guest Soyou, who was sitting next to her, Kwon Eun Bi said, “When I joined an audition program, I met her (Soyou) and she was an instructor. Seung Gi sunbaenim also appeared on that show as an MC. I’m glad that we can be together like this right now”.

Regarding Kwon Eun Bi in the past, Lee Seung Gi commented, “She has been extraordinarily confident since then”, and wrapped up the talk. Hearing that, Kwon Eun Bi wondered, “We are already ending this conversation?”. The female singer made everyone laugh when she teased Lee Seung Gi by asking, “You hate me, right?”.

In response, Lee Seung Gi laughed and said, “I need to save the time for the main talk”, adding “This is my first time hearing someone ask, ‘You hate me?’ while doing a broadcast.”

Source: Nate

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