K-netizens comment on antifans raising aespa Winter’s dating rumors again

Fans expressed their frustration regarding recent rumors surrounding aespa Winter.

A Chinese fan posted a witness of Winter on Weibo on July 17th. However, some people raised dating rumors, pointing out her hoodie as a suspicious dating item. 

aespa winter dating rumor

Sharing this on Nate Pann, a Winter fan complained, “Why are you guys trying to link Winter with male idols and create rumors again? The Supreme hoodie at the airport was a gift from a Chinese fan. Please leave Winter and Winter fans alone”.

aespa winter dating rumor

This post drew keen attention. Other netizens commented:

– Since Kim Min Jung (Winter’s real name) debuted, she has been involved in rumors with dozens of male idols… If what antifans say is true, then how many boyfriends has Winter had? Please let Winter alone~… Winter is pretty and pretty. She can take care of herself well and never does unnecessary things during her break. She also treats her fans well. There’s nothing to criticize about her. Stop doing useless things and leave her alone~

– Those people are just using Winter to promote their favorite male idols

– What’s this? Are they trying to promote SM male idols using noise marketing again? Stop making controversies and causing trouble

– Honestly, no one cares if Winter is dating or not except for you guys

Source: Nate Pann

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