The moment when BTS waited for Grammy announcement: anxious then disappointed, a single sentence of RM made fans upset 

 Although they tried not to put too much expectation, BTS did not hide their hopeful expressions at the moment the results of the categories that the group was nominated for were announced at the 2021 Grammy.

 On the evening of March 14 (US time), the 63rd Grammy Awards (Grammy 2021) took place with the list of winners announced.  At this year’s award show, BTS was honored to be the first and only Kpop representative to appear as an artist nominated for a category and as a performer with their own stage.  However, the most regrettable thing is that they were unable to win a Grammy as anticipated by many people.

 Accordingly, BTS was expected to make history with the song ‘Dynamite’ nominated for the category ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’.  However, the group eventually lost this award to another strong competitor, the song ‘Rain on Me’ by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

 Fans could not hide their sadness and disappointment because they strongly believed in the success of ‘Dynamite’, but not getting the award is probably something many people had also thought about.  The reason is that the Grammy is still not an easy playground for Asian stars because there are still many prejudices, not to mention BTS was only nominated for this prestigious music award for the first time.

 After the group’s nominated category got results, BTS were probably worried about their fans, so they immediately posted positive messages on social media to send their encouragement and show their gratefulness to ARMY.  However, many fans still know that the members would be sad because more or less, they were still hopeful to be named. This was even more true after the video revealing the moment when the 7 members listened to the results of the category ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance’ was shared.

 In the video, the members expressed their anxiety clearly before the moment when the name of the winner was announced.  Among them, RM, J-Hope and Jungkook are the ones who seem the most shaky because they were waiting for a miracle to happen. J-Hope couldn’t sit still: ‘I’ve got goosebumps’, ‘My heart’s beating so fast!’  RM couldn’t look straight at the screen, and Jungkook exclaimed: ‘Ahhh’, ‘Wait a second’ …

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 The rest of the members were calmer, but their words also showed the same expectations. Suga exclaimed: ‘It’s been a long time since we were so nervous for an award,’ and Jimin said: ‘I feel like I’m on a roller coaster!’

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 After the name of the winner was announced, BTS could not hide the lack of emotion. Jin embraced his face, J-Hope leaned towards Jungkook, and the other members just laughed but couldn’t speak.  After a few seconds of dumbfounded, the members got themselves together and encouraged each other: ‘It’s okay, thank you everyone for your hard work!’, ‘We did well!’, ‘We’ve come all the way here! ‘  v … v ….

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 On the other hand, some fans also noticed that after the results were announced, RM turned to whisper to J-Hope: ‘I told you’ This makes many people think that the BTS’s leader himself was also aware that getting a Grammy is not easy, but the group is always optimistic and hopeful in all circumstances. Hearing what RM said, the fans are upset, but still remind each other that they will continue to follow BTS and support the group on their journey to soon accomplish their future Grammy dreams.

 Seeing this moment, Knetz have left many comments on BTS’s cuteness:

 – Their expressions are so cute.

 – They look so nervous that they tremble, so cute.

 – J-Hope has many adorable expressions !!

 – How can Jimin be so cute and charming at the same time?

 – BTS reaction is so cute ?!

 – It’s both sad and cute.  Anyway, congratulations to the group for their Grammy nomination.

 – The part where Suga told the members was ‘Everyone worked hard’ was so touching!

 – BTS, we are proud of you. Let’s succeed together next year.

 – Perhaps the group also expected a lot. It’s okay, let’s keep moving forward!

 – Honestly, there are no other Kpop groups whose reactions we could see while waiting to receive a Grammy like BTS, so that’s enough to be proud of.

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