The military service office manager praised EXO Suho as an exemplary soldier

“Suho, he’s different from the others… He always did his best”, the person who is in charge of managing military social service workers.

EXO Suho (Kim Joon-myeon, 31 years old) sincerely fulfilled his military service and has been discharged on February 13th. Suho enlisted in the Army Training Center in May 2020. After receiving basic training, he began to fulfill his military service duty as a social service worker at an office in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

EXO Suho discharged from military service

Suho showed an exemplary military life. An official of the Safety Urban Affairs Division at Seocho-gu office told Dispatch, “Suho worked really hard”. Suho once served at a Children’s Center in Gangnam. He was in charge of various tasks, such as taking care of children, managing facilities, cleaning, etc.

EXO Suho discharged from military service

Seocho-gu office’s representative said, “Suho rarely took sick leave”, adding, “Suho told us that the children liked him a lot so he felt uncomfortable to be away from his work”.

EXO Suho discharged from military service

In November last year, Suho also received an award certificate for being an exemplary social service worker. The manager explained, “We received lots of reports that were full of praises (for Suho) when conducting a public survey. Recommendations from the places where Suho worked were also sent to us”. The manager continued to compliment the male idol, saying, “In particular, we were very busy last year because of the Covid-19 spread. Suho actively participated in dispatching tasks, such as assisting vaccine centers”.

EXO Suho discharged from military service

After Xiumin and D.O, Suho is the 3rd member of EXO to complete his military service. Chen, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol are still in the military. Meanwhile, Suho made his debut as the leader of boy group EXO in 2012. In March 2020, he released his first solo album “Self-Portrait”. In addition, he also appeared in various movies, such as “The Present”, “Student A”, and “Glory Day”.

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