Park Eun-bin welcomed Kang Ki-young by grabbing his collar… The heartwarming scene at the last filming of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” team

The warm atmosphere between actors, including Park Eun-bin and Kang Ki-young, during the final shooting of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has been revealed.

On August 22nd, a video titled “[Final episode making] Let’s be together forever, Hanbada team | ENA Extraordinary Attorney Woo was uploaded on the Youtube channel of ENA.

The video shows the filming of each actor’s last scene. Kang Ki-young, who played Jung Myung-seok and gained popularity as “Woo Young-woo’s second father”, finished his last shoot at “Hairy’s Pub”. Park Eun-bin told Kang Ki-young, “Come to the last filming of the whole drama, the court scene.”

Ha Yoon-kyung suggested, “You can disguise yourself then come to the court and sit in the audience”.

Park Eun-bin added, “You can put your hair down and wear glasses then just come and sit there”. Kang Ki-young replied, “I got it”, then give his last hug to Park Eun-bin.

extraordinary attorney woo

Kang Ki-young then drew attention as he actually appeared at the court scene, the last shooting of Woo Young-woo’s team. Park Eun-bin, Ha Yoon-kyung, and Joo Jong-hyuk couldn’t hide their happiness when welcoming the appearance of Kang Ki-young.

extraordinary attorney woo

While Joo Jong-hyuk shook hands with Kang Ki-young and Ha Yoon-kyung hit Kang Ki-young’s arm slightly, Park Eun-bin boldly grabbed Kang Ki-young by the collar to welcome him, drawing laughter.

Amidst the enthusiastic welcome of the junior attorneys, Kang Ki-young tried to stop them by saying “People behind me are looking at my butt”.

extraordinary attorney woo

Later, Kang Ki-young turned to the supporting actors who were sitting behind him and said, “I’m sorry”, drawing laughter once again.

The last filming of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” cast, who boasted amazing chemistry until the end, touched fans.

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