Han So Hee embodies the charm of Chum Churum in new soju CF,  flaunting stunning beauty

Actress Han So Hee has shaken up the soju advertisement industry with her unparalleled goddess-like visuals.

Recently, Lotte Chilsung Beverage announced that they had selected Han So Hee as the model for their soju brand “Chum Churum”.

han so hee

Lotte Chilsung Beverage chose Han So Hee as the model because her unique smooth and sophisticated image matches well with the product image of Chum Churum.

When the Chum Churum advertisement featuring Han So Hee was released on March 6th, it received a passionate response from the public.

The reason for this is that Han So Hee, dressed in a flower-patterned blouse and holding a soju bottle, exuded a charm that combined both refreshing and sexy vibes.

The actress also showcased a stunning visual that naturally evokes admiration, even in close-up shots, highlighting her flawless T-zone line.

Meanwhile, in January, Han So Hee declared a no-alcohol pledge through her SNS account.

However, after becoming a soju model, she brought laughter by returning to sáid no-alcohol pledge and leaving the comment, “I cancel it”.

Source: Insight 

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