“That should be at least his first love”… The identity of the mystery singer who made Kim Jun-su embarrassed surprised everyone  

Singer-musical actor Kim Jun-su created an unusual atmosphere with a mystery singer in the final episode of “Mystery Duets”.

In the final recording for MBN’s program “Mystery Duets”, which is scheduled to air its final episode on October 24th, Kim Jun-su excited viewers with his sweet duet performance with a mystery singer.

Accordingly, Kim Jun-su said “My face turns red easily. What should I do? I suddenly get so anxious”, showing his nervous appearance before going on the stage. After appearing on stage, he raised the mood of the show to the highest level and captivated female fans’ hearts with his amazing voice. After seeing the face of the mystery singer, Kim Jun-su suddenly got embarrassed and his face turned completely red. 

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In addition, Kim Jun-su and the mystery singer couldn’t even make eye contact with each other after the stage. The cast, who sensed the unusual atmosphere between the two, began to discuss and ask questions. MC Lee Joo-eun even said, “I’m really curious about what’s going on between them”.

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Panelist Park Kyung-lim, who revealed that she has been watching Kim Jun-su since his debut, said, “This is the first time I see Kim Jun-su benign this nervous. The tone, lyrics, and beat… He got them all wrong”, adding “I think that should be at least someone important, like his first love”, making Kim Jun-su embarrassed with her guess. Heo Kyung-hwan and LOONA Chuu then joined the discussion, digging into the subtle atmosphere between Kim Jun-su and the mystery singer.


On the other hand, Kim Jun-su talked about the famous dance group he formed and worked with when he was in elementary school then revealed a behind-the-scenes story of him trying to make his debut at a younger age than Ryanghyeon & Ryangha. In addition, Kim Jun-su drew loud cheers by performing “Musical Death Note – The Way Things Are” after expressing his regret about Park Kyung-rim not being able to get a ticket.

kim junsu mistery duet

The production team said, “It is the first time Kim Jun-su, who only shows perfect performances on stage, was so embarrassed and nervous”, adding “Please look forward to Kim Jun-su’s relationship with the mystery singer and their song, which will be shown in the last episode of ‘Mystery Duets’”.

Meanwhile, MBN’s music and entertainment program “Mystery Duets” airs every Monday at 10:40 p.m.

Source: wikitree

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