The identity of the male police officer alongside Kim Go Eun in “Little Women”: Wi Ha Joon steals the spotlight with talent and looks  

Interesting facts about Wi Ha Joon, the male lead in the series “Little Women”.

Apart from the trio Oh In Joo, Oh In Kyung and Oh In Hye, “Little Women” cast also draws attention for an outstanding face, Cha Do Il, who frequently appears beside Oh In Joo in the journey against the Jeongran Society. 

 In the series, Cha Do Il has a cold personality and is extremely realistic when it comes to money issues. How about the real-life version of the character – male actor Wi Ha Joon?

Little Women
Wi Ha Joon is an attention-grabbing actor in “Little Women”.

Widely known for the masterpiece “Squid Game”

Wi Ha Joon was born on August 5th, 1991. He started his acting career in 2015. His initial dream was to be an entertainer. In middle school, he was the president of the school’s dance club. He also auditioned but was not accepted. This was the reason he turned to another career path. 

wi ha joon
Wi Ha Joon originally dreamt of becoming an entertainer but did not work out. 

While becoming an actor came later to Wi Ha Joon’s life, he still pursues the dream at length once he chose this path. A proof for his determination was that, when learning Seoul dialect, he limited direct conversation with friends so as not to get mixed with his original dialect.

The first film project the 31-year-old actor joined in was the movie “Coin Locker Girl” – a project that gathered many famous names such as Kim Go Eun, Park Bo Gum, Kim Hye Soo and Go Kyung Pyo. An interesting detail was revealed that, while his role required the actor to be able to drive, Wi Ha Joon at the time did not know how to. Hence, he had to lie and take the driving test in merely three weeks. 

wi ha joon
Wi Ha Joon in “Something In the Rain” (left) and Romance Is the Bonus Book” (right) 

After “Coin Locker Girl”, Wi Ha Joon was hard-working in film projects. He was not hesitant to play minor roles to seek after more major ones. In 2018, Wi Ha Joon was lucky enough to be a part of the cast of the series “Something In the Rain” starring Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In. In the series, he was Yoon Seung Ho, the younger brother of the female lead, Yoon Jin Ah (Son Ye Jin). 

Onto 2019, Wi Ha Joon continued having the opportunities to act alongside other A-list stars, namely Lee Jong Suk in “Romance is a bonus book”. While the drama was not able to create a major hype, the average rating for the series was pretty impressive, at 5.15%.


In the series, Wi Ha Joon and Lee Jong Suk are love rivals as both have feelings for Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young). However, what struck the viewers the most is his intimate scenes with his fellow castmate Lee Jong Suk. 

Normally, the protagonist in film works will get the most attention. However, with Wi Ha Joon specifically, he prioritizes working on diverse roles to perfect his acting skills. 

wi ha joon
Wi Ha Joon played the killer in the thriller movie “Midnight”. 

In an interview, the male actor shared that he wanted to transform into a serial killer. It was in 2018 that his dream came true after one year. In detail, he was offered a cruel, perverted killer role by director Kwon Oh Seung in the thriller movie “Midnight”. 

While there are downsides to “Midnight”, the impressive performances of Wi Ha Joon and Jin Ki Joo managed to save the movie. To fully immerse in the role, the actor had to look up profiles of serial killers to flesh out their main characteristics for his role. 

wi ha joon
Thanks to “Squid Game”, Wi Ha Joon is known to a larger audience. 

Following “Midnight”, the actor  had a major transformation in the global phenomenon “Squid Game”, exposing the actor to a wider audience. In the series, he played a determined and bold policeman who is extremely agile and cool. 

Leading a clean slate, strong and independent women as his ideal type 

Most of the details of his personal life are shared by the actor himself, with information about his ideal type drawing the most attention. In an interview with “The Star” magazine, Wi Ha Joon said he liked a wise and sophisticated woman. In his eyes, she also has to be strong, independent and not hesitant to help and stand by the disadvantaged. 

wi ha joon
Wi Ha Joon likes wise, strong women who stand by the disadvantaged in society. 

In his 7 years of acting, Wi Ha Joon learns to manage himself and only focuses on polishing his acting skills. Therefore, not many rumors can be made about the 31-year-old star. 

Wi Ha Joon, instead, seems to spend lots of his free time with his family, especially his niece. From the range of photos with her, the “Squid Game” actor appears to be a family man. 

wi ha joon

Handsome, talented and emotionally rich, Wi Ha Joon is the ideal type. Currently, his series “Little Women” is gaining a lot of attention. Looking forward to 2023, Ha Joon is returning with another project “Gyeongseong Creature” co-starring Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee, expecting future successes. 

Source: K14

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