The identity of an actress who rose from an aspiring actor to ‘the second Joo Hyun-young’

Following Kim Seul-gi and Joo Hyun-young, let’s find out about the new actors who will join ‘SNL Korea’!

Actress Kim Ah-young participates as a fixed crew member in ‘SNL Korea Season 3‘ and plays the office life of the MZ generation, drawing a lot of attention among netizens. Kim Ah-young is active as a ‘clear-eyed madman’ in the ‘MZ Office’ corner, which created a huge issue in ‘SNL Korea Season 3’. Together with actress Joo Hyun-young, she plays the ‘MZ generation’.

Kim Ah-yeong

She gained popularity as a junior intern who is not easy to communicate due to her strong self-assertion. She earned the nickname “clear-eyed madman” for her character who opens ber eyes wide when she has something to say.

Kim Ah-yeong

Kim Ah-young was a new actor who was not much known to the public before appearing in ‘SNL Korea’. She has continued acting career by appearing in web dramas mainly on YouTube. She is also known to be working on her own schedule without an agency.

Except for web dramas, Kim Ah-young has only played a high school girl in EBS1’s youth drama “The Moment When Heart Shines.”

Kim Ah-yeong

This rookie Kim Ah-young announced her presence through ‘SNL Korea’ like Joo Hyun-young, Jung Sung-ho, Kwon Hyuk-soo, Kim Min-kyo, and Kim Seul-ki.

In particular, Joo Hyun-young, who recently became a hot topic of conversation, rose to stardom through the main character of SNL Korea, and became a stern actor by starring in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Coupang Play’s “Returning to School: A, but Love is F,” and tvN’s “Surviving as a Celebrity Manager.”

Kim Ah-yeong

As such, it is expected that Kim Ah-young will enter the drama acting in earnest as well as her previous works, youth dramas and web dramas. Currently, she is starring in the popular web drama “Short Script” and is acting as an unfriendly character.

Source: Daum

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