The growth of Jamie throughout the past 10 years since her debut

Singer Jamie is building a solid career as an all-rounder singer and entertainer. 

Jamie first greeted the public through SBS’s “K-pop Star Season 1” in 2011. Despite her young age, she won first place in the competition thanks to her beautiful voice that made listeners cry. Since then, she has not only challenged endless changes in music genres but also showed off her diverse charms when appearing on JTBC’s “Begin Again” and hosting Arirang TV’s “After School Club”


Let’s look through various performances of Jamie, who has left a strong impression on the public with both her powerful voice and her easy-going personality

#You will get immersed in her killing voice as soon as you hear it

10 years after her debut, Jamie, who has impressed the public with her perfect singing ability since her appearance in “K-pop Star”, is still showing her deep resonant voice to listeners.


Jamie, who boasts a ‘hip’ vibe that can be called a personification of ‘hip’, attracted attention with a more relaxed atmosphere through Dingo Music’s “Killing Voice” content and “Begin Again”. In addition to her own songs, Jamie also reinterpreted “Wish You Were Gay”, “Imagine”, and “You Were Beautiful” perfectly with her charming voice. She received enthusiastic responses from the viewers, such as “A voice I want to keep and pay money for”, “I fell for her voice right from the first verse she sang”, “Her voice and high notes are perfect”, etc.

#“Is that Park Ji-min?” – Jamie’s unexpected charm

Jamie, who often fascinates the people with her captivating voice, appeared in public with an unexpected style, showing off her “hot” charm not only in daily life but also on broadcasts. 


When she joined the cast of Mnet’s hip hop reality competition show “Good Girl”, Jamie completely shut down the prejudice that she would only be familiar with genres such as R&B and ballads. She stunned viewers with her performances of songs with strong and heavy beats. In addition, on the stage for “Witch”, which combines rap and vocals, Jamie showed off her powerful vocals and sexy voice from the intro part, proving her limitless ability to rock different genres.

#She has been active as an MC for about 7 years

Jamie proves herself to be a versatile artist as she successfully expands her activities to other fields beside singing.


Jamie was selected as the official host for Arirang TV’s talk show “After School Club” in March 2015 and has been showing off her good MCing skills and high-level English for about 7 years. Since she has been doing this job for the longest time, Jamie has consistently boasted her good sense, ability to lead the show well, and a good chemistry with her co-hosts over time including TO1’s Lee Jae-yun and A.C.E’s Kim Byeong-kwan.

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