“The Good Bad Mother” starring Lee Do Hyun reaches new rating peak with new episode

Lee Do Hyun continues showing his acting chops in the new episode for “The Good Bad Mother”.

After the fourth episode was aired, “The Good Bad Mother” continues on a steady rise to 7.0% in nationwide viewership rating. The rating also becomes Lee Do Hyun’s highest-achieved rating for a drama in which he is a male lead.


In the fourth episode, viewers meet again with the 7-year-old Kang Ho full of innocence and mischief. As he spends more time with his mother, Kang Ho learns to listen to and care for her more. Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) also strives to give her son the best of care and introduces him to the neighbors.

The fourth episode also introduces two new characters, the twin siblings Ye Jin and Seo Jin. They were first known to be grandchildren of the neighbor Jung, but are revealed to be children of Mi Joo (Ahn Eun Jin) – Kang Ho’s ex-girlfriend.


Ye Jin and Seo Jin are good friends to Kang Ho. They frequently invite him to play all sorts of games until all are covered in dirt and mud. Not only that, the twins also act as a key element in jogging his memories, i.e. his past legal knowledge.

In one final scene where Kang Ho loses the ball of the twins, he reunites with Mi Joo. They were madly in love in the past, but something got in the way that led Kang Ho to move on with Oh Ha Yeong, his fiancé and the culprit behind the accident.

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The viewers understood why Lee Do Hyun thought so fondly of the role. He not only got to challenge himself with a more complex role, but the actor also had the chance to work with actors of different ages and levels of experience. That explains why “The Good Bad Mother”’s rating has never dipped from the start until now, despite airing in a late-night time slot.

The Good Bad Mother

The audience is eager for the next episode to see whether meeting Mi Joo will unlock anything in him, and what kind of relationship Kang Ho has with the twins.

“The Good Bad Mother” is currently airing on Netflix and JTBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 PM (KST).

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