“The Glory” Oh Ji Yul talks about dating “My dad is upset because I have a boyfriend”

10-year-old Oh Ji Yul talked about dating and worried about her father.

On the May 23rd broadcast of SBS’ new entertainment show “Strong Heart League”, “The Glory” Ha Ye Sol – actress Oh Ji Yul made a surprise revelation.

Oh Ji Yul surprised everyone by revealing that “The Glory” Ye Sol is also in a relationship. When Lee Ji Hye asked “Do you have a boyfriend?“, Oh Ji Yul replied, “Yes, he’s in the next class.” Eom Ji Yoon expressed envy, “I’m jealous of her jamanchu (meeting a romantic partner naturally).


When Lee Ji Hye asked “Who confessed?“, Oh Ji Yul revealed her love story, “We went home together after school since we live in the same complex. He had been my male friend until then. He asked me, ‘Would you like to date me?’ After a while, I came to my senses and said, ‘Yes.’

While everyone was cheering, Lee Ji Hye asked, “What do you like about your boyfriend?” Oh Ji Yul boasted of her boyfriend, “He’s very good at sports. He always tells me, ‘Don’t run. You’ll fall.’


To Lee Seung Gi’s question “Does your dad know?“, Oh Ji Yul replied, “Yes, that’s why my dad is upset.” When Lee Seung Gi urged her to send a video message to only one between her father and boyfriend, Oh Ji Yul wisely replied, “It’s too harsh. I’ll do both.”

Lee Ji Hye went on to ask, “What if you can choose only one person?” Oh Ji Yul replied, “I won’t do it then.” She then got a chance to send a video message again. She made everyone laugh with her cute message, “Dad, I’m sorry that I have a boyfriend. But I can’t help it.”

Source: Nate

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